About this Site

This site is devoted to those individuals, who, like myself, are not involved in the technology industry but love to tinker with computers, programs, hardware, software, electronics, and other gadgets. On this site I hope to share with you my experiments in Java programming, C programming, web site development, web server deployment, database development, and other related areas of technology.

As you can see, this website is still under development. It is a work in progress as I am developing this website as I learn website development.

Learning to Program

When I decided to learn programming, I attempted to register for a class at the local community college, however, all of the classes were full and they have been full each time I've gone back to register. As a new enrollee, it seems my registration priority is too low to get right into a programming class or, any of the other classes I would actually want to take. I looked up the textbook and found the book for the beginning Java class was "Java Concepts: Early Objects" by Cay Horstmann. When I searched for the book I found the electronic Kindle Edition to be one that seemed reasonably priced in light of the print edition cost.

I propose to go through the book with you. In order for us to proceed, you will need a copy of the book. I shall discuss the areas I struggled with and provide insight as I learn from the ground up. I will share my thoughts, analysis and solutions for the few problems I solve in the exercise section or the examples in the book that I believe require exlanation. I have already discovered there are far more exercises than I have time to solve, so do not have the expectation that all exercises will be covered.

Beyond obtaining a copy of the book, we will also need an editor and compiler (I will recommend one with both). Click on the Programming tab to get started.

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux

The operating system..